Get Sported


Dear Parents / Carers
We so missed you at Easter and May half term and it feels like so long since we've got to work your your amazing young people!
What a crazy period of time we have all faced and we hope that you are well and have managed to make your way through this difficult season.
As well as to say ‘Hello,’ we want to reach out and let you know that we have continually been looking at the government guidelines as they unfold, but as you can imagine this has been a very tricky process and one that has to be taken very seriously.
We have tried to see how we could run camps by adhering to guidelines to keep all children, coaches and volunteers safe and at the same time facilitate an enjoyable experience for all. 
Sadly and with regret, we have decided not to run our summer camps this year which is so frustrating after 11 continuous summer’s of fun in Bath! 
However, from a GET Serious Cricket perspective, we are looking into the possibility of running some ‘Cricket Bubbles’ if we sense it’s the right thing to do, secure the appropriate facility and have enough demand. This would likely take the form of 3 x 90 minute sessions in a week with children into a ’self-arranged’ age-group / family ‘Bubble’ of 5 max with an assigned coach. Strict social distancing and hygiene procedures would be followed if we went ahead. 
If this is something you'd like to know more about or to tell us that this would be of interest to you then please email the head cricket coach, Grant Sheppard at and not any of the GET Sported email addresses.

1. Your child/children's ages
2. Their current ability i.e do they play soft ball (beginner/younger) or hard ball

We will look to make a firm decision on this next week so we look forward to hearing back from you shortly.

Looking ahead we will also keep you up to date about our October camps as we follow government guidelines.  The booking pages for all camps have been placed on hold until further notice.

Continue to follow us on social media for any updates.

We do advise you to keep up to date with latest government advice by looking at the guidelines given by the NHS and Public Health England websites. 

Please do join us in praying and thinking of those making decisions and for the world as a whole in this time of uncertainty.
Thank you 
The GET Sported Team