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GET Sported is renowned in Bath and Bristol for providing high quality coaching in schools, holiday camps, parties and through community projects.  We are dedicated to offering unique services which look to build character in children and young people through fun and engaging sessions.

Our History
GET Sported started in 2008 as one coach coaching in schools.
We have grown and are now delivering over 50 PE lessons and extra-curricular clubs to approximately 1,600 children a week in 21 schools in the B&NES and Bristol regions through our 'Total-coaching scheme,' that combines coaching sport and developing character.
Our holiday camps are also a huge part of what we do and very popular in Bristol, Winford, and having started with just 15 children in 2008, we now facilitate one of the biggest holiday camps in Bath.

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What's important to us?
That every child knows they are different, made unique and talented.
That every child understands their worth and importance.
That every child has access to sport and fun activities
We believe sport helps reveal a child's character and provides an opportunity to develop it. 

Our approach
At GET Sported we use our innovative ‘Total-Coaching' approach. Based upon a holistic model of development we seek to help enhance a young person’s sports skills whilst developing their character, instilling invaluable Christian values and providing them with skills for life. Everything we do is based on our holistic 'total coaching' model that integrates BODY MIND SPIRIT.


Physical activity is essential for health and well-being for any individual of any age, ability and background. Particularly with the increasing rise in obesity and sedentary lifestyles in children.


Physical activity has been shown to increase children’s concentration, behaviour and even academic achievement.It also has numerous other mental benefits such as stress release, fun, sense of motivation and improved sleep.


We believe the spirit is the core of a person and therefore being physically active not only impacts the body and mind but also the spirit. Many of the character values that we integrate into our sports coaching have an effect on a person’s core being, such as generosity, serving, courage,trust and many more.

GET Sported is run by World Sport Ministries (WSM) who are a Christian registered charity. (Charity No:1161465)