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What we offer

We currently deliver PE in over 20 schools, with around 60 sessions per week, reaching over 1500 children.
Our passionate coaching team deliver a wide variety of sports through fun and exciting sessions whilst making sure all national curriculum targets are met. The passion and enthusiasm of our coaches regularly leads to an increase in engagement from reluctant pupils, children building confidence and developing self-esteem and children “finding their sport”. The last point has been no more obvious then in a Bath school where a tremendous cricket culture has been nurtured to result in district, county and regional competition success.



Many of the schools we coach in during the day recognise the impact we are having on their children and ask us to run breakfast, lunch time or after school clubs as well. With a wide range of coaches we are able to offer a number of different sports to suit the interests of the children. Please get in touch to discuss these further.

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We recognise that some children find it hard to engage in a whole class setting. Whether during lesson time or break times we offer bespoke, tailor made individual or small group mentoring sessions.

Assembly About us page

Our vibrant and interactive assemblies give children the opportunity to have experiential learning in a more collective based setting. Our assemblies challenge the children to think about relevant themes and values the school is focused on. Assemblies are a powerful way to communicate important life messages and values to the whole school.


How we’re different

As an organisation we are firm believers in sport being more than physical activity. Our heart is to use sport to reveal and build character, teach values and instil lifelong skills. Whether we do this independently or in partnership with the school’s own values, we believe PE is an effective place to educate the child.
Too often school PE has been seen as a place to just blow off steam or as a reward for children who struggle to engage in class. We want to change this narrative and show that, alongside learning new sports skills, then children can learn about their own identity and develop it as well. We call this Total-Coaching and would love the opportunity to share more about this with you.

What do others say about us?

"The coaches are excellent and have a great rapport with the pupils, they set good expectations of behaviour which makes their sessions enjoyable for all.  Consequently, our pupils love their weekly sessions and the clubs are the highlight of the week." – Head Teacher
"Both boys and girls teams have seen huge success.  Pupils have gone on to join local junior cricket clubs and progress even further.  This amazing progress and pupil fulfilment of potential has been made possible by the wonderful coaching provided by GET Sported who bring out the best talent in the pupils but also guide and nurture the pupils with the spiritual side of their game and how talent can be found within all."- PE Co-ordinator
"I really like GET Sported coming in because they teach you it slowly (step by step) and he always looks at us individually to see what we can improve on.
We always have a word that we can focus on every week that helps us get better at doing sports well. The coach is clearly a kind and caring person that very much enjoys teaching us different sports. I love having him for P.E as well as lunch times." - Pupil

To discuss your school's requirements, send us an email to