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 About us

Currently we are serving and supporting 21 schools in the B&NES and Bristol areas. Our team of coaches are delivering 57 sessions every week impacting approximately 1,600 children.

Our schools work enables schools to provide great quality PE lessons that have seen less active children engage in healthy activity to help tackle obesity and mental health issues. We also see so many primary school aged children introduced to new sports and learn new skills; this has resulted in many 'finding their sports' and going on to join local clubs.

"The coaches are so motivating to the children. Their encouragement is heartfelt, and they have the ability make every child feel like they're improving and have the potential to be better if they persevere. The children love them so much and the year 5 boys would not have won the County Finals this week if it hadn't been for the coaches." - Parent

One of the schools we serve, now have a tremendous cricket culture within it with over 120 boys and girls of various ages coached each week. This school has competed and achieved great success in district, county and regional competitions. In 2018, 118 children represented the school in at least one cricket match.

Total Coaching
Our vision is to see children grow in their character as well as develop as a player in sport. We believe the two go hand in hand. You may have heard the well-known saying ‘playing sport builds character,’ we however, believe that sport reveals character. Therefore sport creates an open opportunity to teach children valuable character and life-long skills, we call this ‘Total-Coaching’. 

We focus not only on coaching the child to become an exceptional player, but also on the individual to become an excellent person and make an impact on the world around them. 

What we offer

  • PE/PPA Lessons
  • Clubs
  • Themed days
  • Assemblies

Just as many schools aim to instil their core values into lives of children, our mission is to assist schools through our Total Coaching combining moral and spiritual values (that align with a schools ethos) through the sessions we deliver. 

We have extensive experience in working with children with physical and special educational needs, and our sessions are inclusive to cater for all he needs (subject to enquiry).

We aim to make our coaching sessions the highlight of every child's day.

Some of the services we offer are:


PE lessons/PPA cover

Over the last decade we have worked with many schools to enrich their PE experience and deliver high quality lessons which increase pupil participation and that can be aligned with school values.

There is simply no better way to capitalise on PE lessons and PPA time, and not better way to bring children in contact with inspiring and compelling role models than with our coaches. We will help your children learn in new experiential and practical ways, with character qualities at the core.

"I really like GET Sported coming in because they teach you it slowly (step by step) and he always looks at us individually to see what we can improve on.
We always have a word that we can focus on every week that helps us get better at doing sports well. He also refers the word that we focus on each week (e.g Confidence) to the bible so we understand more on how to use it.
The coach is clearly a kind and caring person that very much enjoys teaching us different sports. 
I love having him for P.E as well as lunch times." - Ella (Year 6), St Philip's Primary School

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GET Sported can add to the range and quality of extra-curricular clubs that your school can offer.

"Both boys and girls teams have seen huge success.  Pupils have gone on to join local junior cricket clubs and progress even further.  This amazing progress and pupil fulfilment of potential has been made possible by the wonderful coaching provided by GE Sported who bring out the best talent in the pupils but also guide and nurture the pupils with the spiritual side of their game and how talent can be found within all." - Head of PE, St Stephen's Primary School, Bath

Themed days 

Our themed days are tailored to fit your school and offer a wide range of special activities. 

'THE GAMES' - Is our whole school sports day where children Compete, Create and Discover through a wide range of classroom and sports activities.

'GET FIT' - With the increase of inactive children brings many issues as much research has demonstrated.  GET Sported has a vision to see children flourish and to live healthy lifestyles. At such a pivotal point in their lives we believe this is an excellent time to help educate children for life ahead. 

About Us or Wellbeing
With the increase of many healthy issues, physical and mental wellbeing is a topic that is much talked about and many interventions have become particularly prevalent in the last decade. The physical wellbeing of children has been known for a longer time with the rise of childhood obesity and increasing sedentary lifestyles. There has been much less focus on the mental wellbeing of children. 

‘It was fantastic seeing the children have fun in the ‘sports release session’ - you could see it really hit home with some of them that they could let out they frustrations/stress/anxiety in sport.’ – Coach

Assembly About us page

Our assemblies are fun, vibrant, interactive and inspirational giving children and opportunity to have experiential learning. Our assemblies challenge the children to think about relevant themes and values the school is focused on.  Assemblies are a powerful way to communicate important life messages and values to the whole school.


What do schools say about us?


"GET Sported supports our school in a number of ways: PPA cover, after-school clubs, lunchtime clubs and enrichment. All the coaches are excellent and have developed positive relationships with staff and pupils. One of the main reasons for us choosing GET Sported is their values, as they link closely with our school values, ethos and vision statement. Each session they run not only develops the children's sporting skills but also develops their character through Christian values. The children at St Philip's really enjoy their GET Sported sessions and many sign up to attend the after-school sessions as well." 

Mrs Coppens, Deputy Head Teacher, St Philip's School

"The coaches are excellent and have a great rapport with the pupils, they set good expectations of behaviour which makes their sessions enjoyable for all.  Consequently our pupils love their weekly sessions and the clubs are the highlight of the week." - Kathryn Morrell, Head of Monkton Pre Prep, May 2015

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