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Youth Sport Leadership 2022/23



We are passionate about growing leaders and we believe that youth can lead right now if they are given an opportunity and empowered to do so! Youth Sport Leadership (YSL) is a course for children in Year 7 and up.  Over the last few years, the YSL process has flourished, and we have seen young people grow tremendously in their confidence, maturing into leaders who could help change this and the next generation! 


YSL equips young people to identify, understand and develop their unique gifts and leadership qualities, using them to help impact others in their community. In each session we achieve this through the following framework-


The main YSL group is for children in school Years 7,8 & 9. As a group we will meet once a month to play sport, connect and develop, following the framework outline above.
Children in Year 10 and above come under the guise of ‘YSL+’. This year, YSL+ do not have a specific programme. Instead, we want to develop them through hands on experience in supporting, serving and leading. Opportunities for this include on a YSL night, at our camps, in after school clubs or weekly huddles. Our expectation is that a young leader (YL) in YSL+ will commit to serve in a number of different ways over the year.

In addition, our vision for YSL+ this year is to develop, with the help of the children, a new programme for the 2023-2024 academic year. We want the children to have ownership over their future programme and would love to journey with as many of them as possible on this.
We are serious about developing great leaders, so we expect a high level of commitment on the course (see our code of conduct)

YSL Certification

Upon completion, each participant will receive a certification in ‘Youth Sports Leadership’ (YSL).
“All of my teenagers have loved being part of YSL. They’ve made new friends outside of school, and as well as having lots of fun, engaging in different sports activities, they’ve also grown greatly in confidence, resilience, and leadership skills - which they then get to put into practice at camp/after school clubs, helping with younger children which they really enjoy!”
“My son has been doing the YSL program for a couple of years now and he has loved every minute of it. 
Being part of a teen club has helped him grow in confidence, make new friends, and it has given him the volunteering experience he needed to complete his DofE Bronze. Thank you so much to all the amazing YSL coaches that do a fantastic job.”





Our first session on November 3rd November at Ralph Allen School, Claverton Down Rd, Avon, Bath, BA2 7AD where young people will get a taste of how our sessions work, including lots of sport and team building activities.


[Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, June] Evening sessions (7:30pm-9.15pm) at Ralph Allen November to February, March TBC, and April to July at Alice Park, Bath, BA1 6EW. Each session will have a similar format of fun games, sports activities, coaching/leading opportunities, Discovery Bible Study (DBS) all linked to a relevant leadership module.



[Feb & May] (10.30-4pm) A full day of fun and learning during the school holidays to help develop coaching skills, team building and be empowered to take leadership positions.


A key part of YSL is getting to know one another, working alongside others and building life-long friendships. These can be over an activity such as mini golf, pizza, games night, bowling night, a meal out together, playing sport, or watching some sport. These are optional and dates will be confirmed during the course and possible additional fee depending on the activity.

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A whole weekend of team building, challenging activities, and fun to enjoy. Previous groups have done high ropes, blindfolded courses, abseiling, archery and a mixture of sports. This is optional and there will be an additional fee.

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The YL’s will decide, design and deliver 2 projects that impact the local area. Previous examples include projects such as a cake sale which raised money to buy presents for the homeless and volunteering at the Bath Half Marathon.

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Each young person will be given the opportunity to be mentored as part of a group, meeting with YSL leaders occasionally throughout the year.


We will also be providing the YL’s with some key essential items for YSL likely to include a sports climacool t-shirt, whistle and bible.



GET Sported Camps

[Optional BUT recommended] Putting your skills to the test on our multi-Sports camps during school holidays. Assisting other leaders and coaches, growing in confidence and leadership skills whilst also inspiring younger children. 

Coaching experience

[Optional BUT recommended] A chance to coach alongside some of our top coaches, gaining valuable coaching experience learning how to coach in specific sports and skills needed to work with children during after school or on GET Sported camps.


As mentioned on the previous page, all of the content on this page is “optional” but our expectation would be that each YSL+ leader leads and serves on a number of different things throughout the year. For example, if your main passion is hockey, we’d love to get you to lead and coach a session at a YSL huddle and also get you to coach it at one of our camps. Furthermore, the development days in February and May will be the main opportunities we will spend shaping a specific YSL+ program for next year.


Free taster, huddle 2 and huddle 3:  Ralph Allen School, Claverton Down Rd, Avon, Bath, BA2 7AD (7.30-9.15pm)
Huddle 1,2,3,4: Ralph Allen School, Claverton Down Rd, Avon, Bath, BA2 7AD (7.15-8.45pm)
Huddles 5-7 and ‘Summer Social’ : Alice park, BA1 6EW (7:15-9:15pm)
Development day February: Monday 13th, Ralph Allen School, BA2 7AD: Development Days (10.00am-3pm)             
Development day May: TBC (10.00-3pm)




Young people are welcome to come along to the free taster session evening on Thursday 3rd November @ Ralph Allen School, Claverton Down Rd, Avon, Bath, BA2 7AD.

QUESTIONS or to sign up:

Contact us:
Please enquire for bursary places or other finance plans to pay for your child’s place.


There are two options for


Couse fee: £110
Either pay in full via the booking link which we will send you shortly after the first huddle (please see 'How to register' info further down') or split the cost across the year with 10 monthly instalments of £11 via BACS:


Reference your payment: SURNAME_YSL e.g Smith_YSL
Bank: World Sport Ministries
Sort Code: 40-09-19
Account Number: 22035804
10 monthly installments x £11 via BACS (as above). Total fee (£110)


As there is no specific program this year, there will no fee attached. However, we would kindly ask you to consider making a donation, recognising that we will still be investing in your child with time, mentoring and training. This can be done when signing your child up for the course via the website booking page.

BURSARY PLACES AVAILABLE for families who require financial assistance - please enquire. 


To register for the course, click here.