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We believe in not just coaching the player but also the person, so each day is themed on a character quality that is taught experientially and based upon Christian values. Children will learn about fundamental key elements of the Christian faith and how it can apply to their lives in a way that can bring a great sense of joy, hope, purpose and self worth-areas which many young people face with growing difficulties in this modern era.

All coaches and members of staff are D.B.S checked.

2023 CAMP dates: 

May 30th - June 1st
Tue – Lazer Tag 

Wed - Pizza
Thu - End of week ceremony (15h40)

July 25th - July 28th
Tue – Lazer Tag 
Wed - Pizza
Thu – Water Games
Fri – End of week ceremony (15h40)

July 31st - August 3rd
Mon -Lazer Tag 

Tue – Water Games
Wed - Pizza
Thu – End of week ceremony (15h40)

August 7th - August 10th
Mon – Lazer Tag 

Tue – Water Games
Wed - Pizza
Thu – End of week ceremony (15h40)

Provisional October 24th - October 26th
Provisional December 18th - December 19th

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GET Sported (ages 5-12)
GET Sported kids have the awesome opportunity to do a large range of sports such as football, cricket, hockey, tag-rugby, volleyball, dodgeball, basketball, gymnastics, tennis, athletics, ultimate frisbee, capture the flag, multi-skills and more (sports will vary each day)! At various camps throughout the year children also have the opportunity to do other activities such as Lazer Tag, Arts and Crafts and our legendary Summer Water Games!

GET Serious Cricket (ages 7-12)
Our specialised cricket camps offer hard ball and soft ball skill sessions, net practice, competitions, and games.  It is suitable for beginners through to advanced and county players.  Our experienced coaches provide top class coaching linking technical work with the themes of the day.

Net Practice
Speed gun
Flashing bails
T20 matches
The legendary 'Test Match'

Where are we?

St Gregory’s Catholic College - Combe Hay Lane, Bath, BA2-8PA